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NylonMold is a new and innovative rapid prototyping method which uses a low pressure molding process in combination with low cost silicone molds developed to bring production quality PA6 parts in very short lead times.

Our proprietary NylonMold process can provide cost-effective and functionally durable prototype and low volume production plastic parts in both unfilled PA6 and glass filled PA6 materials in very short lead times.

These parts are manufactured by polymerizing polyamide in silicone mold tools. First, the master pattern is created from CAD data by means of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) or Stereolithography. Secondly, the master pattern is used, with the negative forming process, to manufacture the mold tool in silicone. Finally, this soft tool can be used to polymerize the PA6 material into its final product thus completing the NylonMold manufacturing process.

The NylonMold material properties are very similar to production grades of PA, which until now have only been realized from conventional injection molding technology. These are properties such as mechanical strength, thermal stability, chemical resistance, and weld-ability to name a few.

The mechanical and chemical characteristics are far superior to those from Polyurethane cast parts. The NylonMold process presents new possibilities for a wide variety of applications. High-quality complex plastic parts are available up to 40 days faster compared to standard processes, at costs, which amount only to a fraction of the injection molding process.

NylonMold: Real Parts....Real Fast

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