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With the NylonMold process, it is possible to avoid expensive prototype injection mold tooling and thus realize huge savings in the prototyping and testing phases in product development. In many cases, NylonMold parts have been used for preliminary design validation testing for prototype eliminating the need for prototype tooling all together. In these cases, the early part phase of the production tooling are used for completion of validation testing.

The graph shows a cost comparison of a 3-shell V8 intake manifold manufactured using conventional injection mold tooling and the NylonMold process.

Cost Analysis

    The NylonMold process currently has two high performance materials:

  • Unfilled PA6 material - NM27H Suitable for most applications

  • Glass filled PA6 material - NM75H-GF30 PA6GF30 For applications requiring additional strength and temperature resistance

Fuel Hose Image

    These materials possess the following characteristics and capabilities:

  • High Strength/Stiffness

  • High Thermal Stability

  • High Dimensional Stability

  • High Dimensional Accuracy

  • Impact Resistant

  • Chemically Resistant

  • Weldable

  • Bondable

  • Paintable

  • Texturing

  • Complex Geometries

  • Thin Wall Parts

  • Hollow Parts (lost core)

  • Insert Molding

  • Low Volume Production

  • Long Term Testing

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